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End-Game Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

End-Game - Research Paper Example In line with this, four fundamental building blocks are said to influence strategy execution. These include a clarification of the decisions made, designing the flow of information, alignment of motivators and making the necessary changes to the organizational structure (Neilson, Martin, & Powers, 2008). An example of the application of these concepts is in one’s community organization. Usually, when one’s organization introduces a new strategy for an existing project, the program administrators meet with the members to explain the reason behind the strategy, why it is being implemented and the expected results of the strategy. This is being done to make sure that each one in the organization will work towards the achievement of the objectives of the strategy. The execution of the strategy then becomes easier because it is well understood by the employees. The factors listed above are important attributes of a successful strategy execution. Since business environments today are highly competitive, organizations will only be successful if they focus more on how the plans are executed; rather than on the plans itself (Guillà ©n & Garcà ­a-Canal, 2012). Complicated long-range strategies may no longer work in the corporate environment today because of the unpredictability of the markets (Guillà ©n & Garcà ­a-Canal, 2012). Good strategies are important but with the current trends in business, execution is what really

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Managing organizational change (MBA course) Essay

Managing organizational change (MBA course) - Essay Example Sandoz was a profit making company that had transparent and defined marketing strategies with a number of products, employing fewer people (69 employees); whereas CG, a loss making company (129 employees) was a laid back attitude and heavily dependant on sale of one product Voltaren, that had generic substitutes, and the marketing was based on giving heavy discounts to achieve quarterly targets. These opposite cultures clashed with the merger. The result was that, feeling strangled, the Sandoz staff left the company through a golden handshake and the CG culture prevailed over NT. The lethargies of CG became the norm resulting in plummeting sales and mounting losses. Under Thai regulations the merger meant merger of Sandoz into CG thereby creating a new entity called NT. This led to the exodus to the Sandoz staff, and the CG culture and practices prevailed. The remaining Sandoz staff were unable to accept this practice and all but 12 left the company, after bitterly criticizing the CG ways and matters deteriorated with the new NT manager also leaving in early 1997. NT was rudderless and without objectives and goals. Fritz the new manager appointed to check and reverse the ills of NT was sent to Thailand in 1998, two years after the merger, with a mandate to raise market share and to improve management effectiveness across the organization. His clear mandate required him to turnaround the company and he handled it initially with the motive of streamlining the operations by first defining the team and team roles. He wanted to establish a hierarchy of reporting that looked like a cobweb with cross reporting resulting in loss of communications. He also found many malpractices that were either a result of corruption in the culture of the company or simply cover-ups for showing improved but false sales performances. He quickly made a situation analysis and identified

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Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Film Essay Example for Free

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Film Essay I am very distressed about living in this dreadful place. I absolutely hate it; I can’t believe we moved from the best house EVER!!! With 5 floors if you included the basement and the top floor with the window where if I stand on the end of my toes I could see the whole of Berlin, to this place which I’m pretty sure is the worst house ever. I miss Berlin so much but most of all I miss you and grandfather. This house is really small too, and I mean it is tiny! It only has 3 floors which means there is not a lot of exploring to be done like in Berlin, in Berlin I had explored every single place I could think of but then I find something new all of a sudden. Also mother and father don’t let me explore in the new back garden because it is ‘out of bounds’. What ever that means. There’s nothing to explore in the front garden either because it’s so small. Perplexed, I stood and gazed through my bedroom window. There were so many farmers working on one huge field with little huts that disappeared into the distance†¦ The thing that horrified me most of all was that even kids starting from the age of about 4 were working and they looked so anorexic. Each time the soldiers shouted the kids would huddle closer and closer together. They all seemed so scared as if they were being forced to, hmmm All of the farmers looked really skinny, almost anorexic. One of the farmers’ even works in our kitchen peeling all of the vegetables. I found it really tedious with nothing to do so I decided to make a swing. To make the swing I needed some rope which was easy to find, and a tire which was a little trickier I interrupted Gretel whilst she was flirting so I could ask lieutenant Kotler if he had a spare tire. After a long and boring chat he gave me one and I made my swing. Once I had finished building the swing, I enjoyed it really well. But then I fell and hurt my knee really bad. I thought I would bleed to death but then a farmer called Pavel that worked in our kitchen ran over and helped me. After he had cleaned and bandaged my cut mother had finally arrived. She had figured out what happened almost immediately, she did not look pleased.

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Computers in the Classroom :: Education Teaching

Computers in the Classroom Technology is increasingly becoming part of our everyday life. We can think back to a time when we did not even know what a computer was and all we had was the telephone, radio, and television. Now, we cannot go a day without using my computer and the internet to do something that we need to get done. When did it all change? Everything is happening so fast. We remember going to school and all that we were allowed to use was paper and pencil and we are only twenty and twenty-two years old. When we think about how quickly things have changed, we can only image what it’s going to be like for the next generation. Everyday there is something new coming out into the technology market whether it be, an upgrade to a software package or a new model for a computer. We have come to the realization that as soon as we buy a product, such as a new computer or printer that within a month or less, it is essentially out dated. The reason for that is that as soon as the companies such as Hewett Packard put a new product out on the market, they have already begun work on a new model to improve the one that they just put out. Not only have computers become part of everyday life; they have also become an essential part of instruction in the classroom for both teachers and students. Throughout this paper, we will be discussing several different aspects of why computers are important tool in the classroom. The job of a teacher is to engage students in learning. Computers are engaging learning tools because they reinforce the concepts which are being taught in the classroom. In the past ten years from Kindergarten through college, teachers and students have embraced information technology. Eight-five percent of children know more about computers and the Internet then both their parents (, n.d). When computers are used in an interactive mode it enhances the average young person’s ability to learn. Some examples of inactive mode include video games, educational games, and chat rooms. In addition, CD-ROMs allow students to learn to read faster and retain more information. In high school, three fourths of students prefer researching school assignments on the Internet (http://www.

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Defence Mechanisms in Guajiro Personality and Culture Essay

Defence is all efforts of the ego to render inoperative and instinctual wish or impulse. The instinctual object choice produces neurotic anxiety because it clashes with the superego, which arises from the internalisation of the parent’s moral values. Defences protect the individual from experiencing anxiety either by detaching the forbidden wish from conscious awareness or by distorting or falsifying its true meaning. Several methods were used in collecting data for this study. Structured methods of observation and interviewing were used to gather information relevant to behavioural systems having transtructural significance, such as sex, aggression, and responsibility. Rorschach and TAT tests were administered to supplement these data and to aid in uncovering elements and relationships in the personality that were not readily observable, especially in the areas of affective behaviour, cognitive organization and defensive functioning. This study called â€Å"Defence Mechanisms in Guajiro Personality and Culture† by Lawrence C. Watson conducted with Guajiro Indian subjects came up with exceptional results. Some general characteristics of defence mechanisms in the Guajiro society were found: * All of the basic defence mechanisms are present but some are more important than others. * All defence mechanisms assume a well-defined culturally defined form. * Defence mechanisms cluster around a few systems of behaviour that are most conflict-ridden culture. * Variations in the deployment of psychic defences are, to a degree, a function of a person’s age, sex, occupation and class position. * There is a basic continuity in defence functioning from one stage to another in the life cycle of the individual. This study shows that defence mechanisms formulated by Freud have widespread, if not universal occurrence in human personality processes, irrespective of variations in cultural context. It also shows that in every unique social setting, cultural factors determine the form in which defensive behaviour comes to be expressed. This study also gave the result which says that defence functioning must be studied in relationship to other prevailing modal personality factors (e.g., superego strength, level of emotional control, etc.), since it is quite  likely that certain defensive properties will be found only if they are compatible with these other elements.

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Environmental conservation Essay example - 1125 Words

An Environmental Conservationist, which is also known as a conservation scientist, is an excellent job for anyone who loves nature and wants to preserve all of earth’s natural wonders. As a conservationist you need to, â€Å"Find your own ways to make less trash, and help others to learn how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.† (EPA). The job is a hands-on job which means â€Å"spending a major portion of the workday outdoors without regard to weather.† (Easton 35) Though this doesn’t seem like a scientific job to most people it is because it involves calculating the outcome of certain things on the environment. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The purpose of this career is to protect the environment and the people and wildlife that live in it. The†¦show more content†¦nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Environmental Conservation is labeled as a field that is hazardous, because as an Environmental conservationist, you are â€Å" working with infectious materials, or where accidents are common.† (Easton 35) To perform this job, you need a lot of initiative because you need to determine what needs to be done and often it can be a life or death situation for people and/or animals. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;It is easy to get burned out in this career, due to â€Å"enduring long-term stress and strain.† (Easton 35) This is not a job people can have for a short time. This a career that people commit their whole lives to. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Berry 3 nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;People with degrees in this field can be employed by local, state or federal governments. It is also likely to be hired by an organization such as the EPA( the Environmental Protection Agency). Through 2010, â€Å"Growth will be strongest in state and local government thanks to efforts to protect the environment. Growth will probably be less at the federal level, despite growing need in areas of soil and water conservation.† (Easton 89-90) nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;It is estimated that â€Å"2,200 new jobs (will be established) between 2000-2010.† (Easton 36) The federal government currently employs most of those in his field. There are agencies set up and people are hired by these agencies which are branches of the federalShow MoreRelatedThe Conservation Of The Environmental Movement882 Words   |  4 PagesI decided to take action for the environmental movement because it is a big issue that impacts everyone. At first, my intent was to volunteer for an organization called â€Å"Fresh Roots†, but due to a scheduling conflict, I chose UBC Farm, which is no less essential in its impact in Vancouver’s sustainability. In theory, the environmental movement has succeeded in many of its basic goals, such as bringing attention to local and global problems, educating the public on simple sustainable actions, andRead MoreJohn Muir and the Environmental Conservation Movement Essay1248 Words   |  5 PagesT he conservation movement of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and the environmental movement which came about after 1950 had symbolic and ideological relationships, but were quite different in their social roots and objectives. A clear point is that especially in the beginning, only the elite, wealthy class, had time left to think and enjoy nature and joined the environmental movement organizations. It was born out a movement of amateurs. The organizations of the environmental movementRead MoreWhich One Comes First Economic Development or Environmental Conservation?710 Words   |  3 PagesEnvironmental problems mainly generated in the economic activity, therefore it should be resolved together with the economic activity. In both developed and developing countries, there is always an argument, stated that whether the economic development come first or the environmental conservation come first? The former follows the â€Å"develop first, conservation later† mod el while the latter follows the â€Å"conservation while development† model. For developing countries which also known as Third WorldRead MoreEnvironmental Conservation Of The World War II1810 Words   |  8 PagesEnvironmental conservation has made major advancements throughout history. While its focus during the 1940s was very limited due to World War II, the effects of the war and industrialization led to the environmental deterioration and many significant events that increased the public’s attention on pollution. While many minor policies were passed as a way to appease the people, the major shift for environmentalism was during the 1960s after many pieces of writing were published that exposed the harmfulRead MoreEnvironmental Conservation2472 Words   |  10 PagesA Room with a Viewpoint: Using Social Norms to Motivate Environmental Conservation In Hotels Research Evaluation By John E. Robinson 27 November 2009 A Room with a Viewpoint: Using Social Norms to Motivate Environmental Conservation In Hotels The authors of this article identified the efforts towards building the research conducted while attempting to theorize a study involving environmental conservation among hotel patrons and the reuse of towels. The purpose of this essay is toRead MoreEnvironmental Conservation Essay1517 Words   |  7 PagesEnergy Conservation Jessica Goode Axia College of University of Phoenix We all use energy each and every day. We use energy for entertainment, cooking, transportation, lighting, heating, cooling, manufacturing, as well as many other things. According to the Webster Dictionary (2009), energy is defined as just being active. If that is truly the case, then anytime we are doing anything we are being active and using up energy. Shouldnt we try to conserve more energy if that is the case? AccordingRead MoreThe And Environmental Energy Conservation2578 Words   |  11 Pagesneed to use it† those statements instilled in me an indelible dislike for wastage of any kind and to be considerate of other people’s needs like just my dad. These doctrines helped also helped to forge my interest in recycling and environmental energy conservation especially now as the demand for energy resources is growing at an alarming rate. Chevron PLC stated in an article that the world population currently around 7 billion is projected to grow by 1 billion in the ne xt isus12 years, especiallyRead MoreThe And Environmental Energy Conservation2791 Words   |  12 Pagesneed to use it† those statements instilled in me an indelible dislike for wastage of any kind and to be considerate of other people’s needs like just my dad. These doctrines helped also helped to forge my interest in recycling and environmental energy conservation especially now as the demand for energy resources is growing at an alarming rate. Chevron PLC stated in an article that the world population which is currently around 7 billion is projected to grow by an additional 1 billion in the nextRead More Economic Conservation vs. Environmental Conservation Essay1958 Words   |  8 PagesEconomic Conservation vs. Environmental Conservation Around the world people are being affected by conservation and endangered species laws and regulations. Some want the biggest house on the most beautiful land and have the money to get it, while others feel that we have developed enough and there has to be more land left to nature. I feel that while endangered species should be protected, their protection should not change the way that local people function, and interact with one anotherRead MoreThe Environmental Issue Of Water Conservation1815 Words   |  8 Pagesfor a single-family household (Galbraith). This alarming number could be reduced dramatically for the efforts of water conservation and lowering water bill prices for families could subsequently save money that could be used for other expenses. Thus, conserving water would prove beneficial and advantageous to not just in Texas, but to everyone else as well. Although environmental policies have not been as popular with Congress and the state legislature, it is still an i mportant issue to consider since

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Neorealism War Avoided in Thirteen Days - 1529 Words

The film Thirteen Days chronicles the clash between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Told from the perspective of American Kenny O’Donnell, the movie depicts the discovery of missiles in Cuba, followed by deliberations on an appropriate response and the United States’ decision to enact a blockade. Though relations between the United States and the Soviet Union were precarious for a time during the film, eventual negotiations between the two succeeded in averting war. Events in this film can be regarded as examples of international relations (IR), and subsequently, IR theories can be applied to the movie. One such theory is that of neorealism. The â€Å"progeny of realism,† neorealism takes many of its traits from its predecessor. Much like realism, neorealism places states at the forefront of international relations as the main actors. Neorealism also acts on the premise that the â€Å"international realm is disting uished by the lack of a central authority† and strengthens this assumption, believing in â€Å"the importance of the structure of the international system and its role as the primary determinant of state behaviour.† To neorealism, anarchy is what the system is, not a condition of it. Another main principle of neorealism is that of self-help, a â€Å"principle of action in an anarchical system where there is no global government.† Self help is the idea that one must look after itself for there is no higher authority to give aid.